Bharuch PIN Codes - List of Pincodes of Bharuch

Below is a comprehensive list of 20 areas and 12 talukas under Bharuch district of Gujarat. The detail includes pin code of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

Bharuch District

Bharuch (formerly commonly known as Broach) (Gujarati: ભરૂચ) in India, is a district in the southern part of the Gujarat peninsula on the west coast of state of Gujarat with a size and population comparable to that of Greater Boston. The Narmada River outlets into the Gulf of Khambat through its lands and that shipping artery gave inland access to the kingdoms and empires located in the central and northern parts of the sub-continent of India.

List of Talukas in Bharuch, Gujarat

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Map of Bharuch, Gujarat

Bharuch City

Bharuch (Gujarati: ભરૂચ; listen ), also known as Broach, is a City at the mouth of the river Narmada in Gujarat (north-west India). Bharuch is the administrative headquarters of Bharuch District and is a municipality of about 370,000 inhabitants.

The city of Bharuch and its surroundings have been settled since times of antiquity. It was a ship building center and sea port in the pre-compass coastal trading routes to points West, perhaps as far back as the days of the Pharaohs. The route made use of the regular and predictable monsoon winds or galleys. Many goods from the Far East (the famed Spice and Silk trade) were shipped there during the annual monsoon winds, making it a terminus for several key land-sea trade routes. Bharuch was known to the Greeks, the various Persian Empires, in the Roman Republic and Empire, and in other Western centres of civilisation through the end of the European Middle Ages.

In the 3rd century, Bharuch port was mentioned as Barugaza. Arab traders entered Gujarat via Bharuch to do business. The British and the Dutch (Valandas) noted Bharuch’s importance and established their business centers here.

At the end of the 17th century, it was plundered twice, but resurged quickly. Afterwards, a proverb was composed about it, “Bhangyu Bhangyu Toye Bharuch”. As a trading depot, the limitations of coastal shipping made it a regular terminus via several mixed trade routes of the fabled spice and silk trading between East and West. During the British Raj it was officially known as Broach.

Bharuch has been the home to the Gujarati Bhargav Brahmin community for ages. The community traces its lineage to Maharshi Bhrigurishi and Bhagwan Parshuram who is considered to be incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The Bhargav community still administers a large amount of public trusts in the city. However the present day Bhargav Brahmins have migrated to Mumbai, Surat, Vadodara, Ahmedbad and other countries. Today, the community administers and protects a number of ancient temples whose idols have survived the centuries of fanatical religious aggression.

The city has textile mills, chemical plants, long staple cotton, dairy products and much more. Gujarat's biggest liquid cargo terminal is situated there. It also houses many multinational companies, such as Videocon, BASF, Reliance, Safari Construction Equipments Pvt. Ltd. and Welspun Maxsteel Ltd. Bharuch is a shopping center well known for its salty peanuts. Because of the distinctive colour of its soil (which is also ideal for cotton cultivation), Bharuch is sometimes referred to as 'Kanam Pradesh' (black-soil land).

Area PIN Codes in Bharuch District

Below is list of 333 areas in Bharuch district of Gujarat state.

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PIN Code Area Taluka District Postal Status
391810 Gajera pin code Jambusar Bharuch Sub Office
391810 Kahanva pin code Ankleshwar Bharuch Branch Office
391810 Kareli pin code Jambusar Bharuch Branch Office
391810 Vedach pin code Jambusar Bharuch Branch Office
392001 Bahruch City pin code Bharuch Bharuch Sub Office
392001 Bahruch R S pin code Bharuch Bharuch Sub Office
392001 Bharuch pin code Bharuch Bharuch Head Office
392001 Gayatri Nagar pin code Bharuch Bharuch Sub Office
392001 Hajikhana Bazar pin code Bharuch Bharuch Sub Office
392001 L B Chakla pin code Bharuch Bharuch Sub Office
392001 Mohmedpura pin code Bharuch Bharuch Sub Office
392001 Nikora pin code Bharuch Bharuch B.O directly a/w Head Office
392001 Panch Fanas pin code Bharuch Bharuch Sub Office
392001 Sindhvai pin code Bharuch Bharuch Sub Office
392011 Haldarva pin code Bharuch Bharuch Branch Office
392011 Tavra pin code Bharuch Bharuch Branch Office
392011 Zadeshwar pin code Bharuch Bharuch Sub Office
392012 Amleshwar pin code Hansot Bharuch Branch Office
392012 Argama pin code Vagra Bharuch Branch Office
392012 Bhadbhut pin code Bharuch Bharuch Branch Office