Dhalai PIN Codes - List of Pincodes of Dhalai

Below is a comprehensive list of 20 areas and 53 talukas under Dhalai district of Tripura. The detail includes pin code of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

List of Talukas in Dhalai, Tripura

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Map of Dhalai, Tripura

Dhalai City

Dhalai (Pron:/ˈdʰɔlai/) (Bengali: ধলাই জেলা) is an administrative district in the state of Tripura in India. The district headquarters are located at Ambassa. As of 2011 it is the least populous district of Tripura (out of 8), although it is the largest district in the State.

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Area PIN Codes in Dhalai District

Below is list of 65 areas in Dhalai district of Tripura state.

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PIN Code Area Taluka District Postal Status
799204 Balarambazar pin code Balaram Dhalai Branch Office
799204 Kulaibazar pin code Kulai Dhalai Sub Office
799204 Nalicherra pin code Nalicherra Dhalai Branch Office
799266 Kanchancherra pin code Manu Dhalai Sub Office
799273 Chailengta pin code Chailengta Dhalai Sub Office
799273 Chawmanu pin code Chawmanu Dhalai Branch Office
799273 Laldingabari pin code Labancherra Dhalai Branch Office
799273 Manikpur pin code Manikpur Dhalai Branch Office
799273 Natinmanu pin code Natinmanu Dhalai Branch Office
799275 Demchedrra Colony pin code Demcherra Dhalai Branch Office
799275 Dhumacherra pin code Dhumacherra Dhalai Branch Office
799275 East Masli pin code Masli Dhalai Branch Office
799275 Jarulcherra pin code Jamircherra Dhalai Branch Office
799275 Karatichesdrra pin code Karaticherra Dhalai Branch Office
799275 Longtharai pin code Longtharai Dhalai Branch Office
799275 Mainerma pin code Mainerma Dhalai Branch Office
799275 Manughat pin code Manughat Dhalai Sub Office
799275 Maslicherra pin code Masli Dhalai Branch Office
799275 Sindhukumarpara pin code Sindhukumarpara Dhalai Branch Office
799278 Kachucherra pin code Kachucherra Dhalai Branch Office